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We are excited to present a unique event that will awaken your sense of natural beauty and inspiration – the Blossoming Inspiration: New York Botanical Gift Show.

Date: September 22-24, 2023

Location: 479 Briercliff Road, Brooklyn, New York(NY)

This fascinating exhibition invites you to delve into the magical world of plants and flowers. Blooming Inspiration is a unique opportunity to discover the beauty of nature through a variety of botanical gifts presented by our inspired designers and talented florists.

What’s in store for you

Luxury Floral Bouquets

Exquisite arrangements of fresh cut flowers will adorn our stands, creating an impressive fragrance and enveloping you in beauty.

House Plants

Take care of your home by enriching it with beautiful indoor plants of different species and sizes.

Unique Plant Accessories

Accessories with botanical patterns created by skillful artists and designers are on display.

Aromatherapy and Essential Oils

Refresh your home with natural scents and learn how to use essential oils to improve your health and mood.

Practical Master Classes

Discover the skill of caring for plants and creating beautiful bouquets in our exciting workshops.

Botanical Gifts for Everyone

Whatever your taste or preference, here you will find the perfect botanical gift for yourself or your loved ones.

Blooming Inspiration is not only an opportunity to update your home and enjoy the beauty of plants, but also to support the art and talent of florists and expand your knowledge of plant and flower care.

Join us at Blooming Inspiration and discover the magic of nature through stunning botanical gifts!